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Dernière mise à jour : 22 févr.

'You Are Enough' represents a significant milestone for me, as it marks my first collaboration with a talented team. I am immensely proud and honored to see the film gaining recognition in numerous festivals around the world, showcasing its journey across borders.

In 2023, it has been selected to :

The Music Dance Screenings Film Festival Consonance - USA - 1ST PRICE

Short Film Factory - Romania - 1ST PRICE

Cine Paris Film Festival- France - 1ST PRICE

Tanzahoi International Festival for Dance 2023 - Germany - PUBLIC AWARD

InShadow - Portugal - 1ST PRICE

ADF's Movies By Movers - USA

ScreenDance Festival - Sueden

International Choreographic Festival of Blois - France

Artists for Hope International Dance Film Festival- USA

NYBA Dance Film Fest - USA et Buenos Aires

Portland Dance Film Fest- USA

Encuentro para Cinéfagos  - Venezuela

Leeds International Film Festival - England

Choreoscope - Barcelona Dance Film Festival - Spain

Some more coming for 2024...

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