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Lisa Magnan.
Dancer.  Choreographer.  Movement&Creative Director.

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About me

Based in France, Lisa Magnan is a dancer, choreographer, movement director who has trained in some of the most prestigious institutions in France, including the Conservatoire d'Angers, the Conservatoire de Paris, and the CNSMD in Lyon. She obtained a degree in Performing Arts from Lyon II, and also her state diploma as a contemporary dance teacher.

She danced in France and internationally for various choreographers and projects, in particular the En Knap-Iztok Kovac Company (Slovenia), Club Guy and Rony (Neitheirland), Marie Stockhausen (Austria), Andonis Foniadakis (Greece), Tiziana Arnaboldi (Switzerland), Willy Dorner (Austria), Nicolas Ramond (France), Simon Tanguy(France), Sylvie Giron(France), Sandrine Maisonneuve(France), and Cornelia Bonisch (Austria).

Simultaneously, she created her first pieces ("Voilà ce que je propose", "Replay", "Le Constat") and works as a choreographer and director for other groups(Opera,Theater play and musical ensemble)

With an interest in creating movement for the camera, Lisa has been making dance films since 2018, nominated for a lot of festivals worldwide (USA, Canada, Chile, Brazil, Venezuela, Georgia, Germany, Spain, France, Iceland, Romania)

Her approach is at the intersection of the arts, as Lisa starts from dance and creates performances where theater, voice, and music come together. She chooses to put the human being at the heart of her research and focuses her work around our perception of reality, which contains a part of imagination and truths unique to each individual. In this sense, she wishes to question more broadly our relationship to the framework and its restrictions, our beliefs and their limits.

Efficience but detailed, graphic, repetition, and realism determine Lisa Magnan's choreographic style, where her desire is to create poetic artistic bubbles so that each person in their own way is touched, intrigued, amused, and questioned...


Choreographer & Director


Dancer & Performer



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